Don’t let the first three lines of the linked Business Wire fool you.  AMD took it in the pants this last quarter.  The bottom line is that AMD announced $1.77 billion in revenues, which is a record.  They also recorded $1.772 billion in losses.  Yes… billion.  As in the company lost more this month than they made.  Now, this is not some wild spending spree by Hector and the gang, the largest loss was due to a writing off of goodwill from the ATI acquisition.  AMD essentially paid around $6 billion for the company, and a year and a half later have come out to say, “Hey, it was actually only worth around $4 billion… and that’s stretching it.”

There were some positives to the quarter though.  They had record CPU sales and have shipped over 400,000 quad core processors.  Their gross margins have topped 44%, which is actually pretty healthy compared to the low 30’s they experienced in the first half of this year.  They were able to pare their operating expenses down, so there was actually “only” a $9 million loss in that area.  AMD reported that the processor division increased shipments by 9%, but income improved 11%.  We can see that ASPs have likely stabilized, and actually improved.

I am listening in on the CC now, and will report those findings once it is finished.