There is some good news for fans of AMD via Elite Bastards who talked with AMD about the rumours that the new B3 stepping on Phenoms will be TLB error free.  The B3 Phenom will probably not show huge improvements in speed initially, except for those users who applied the patch instead of coping with the slight possibility of random crashes.  On the other hand, if the speculation that the TLB errata error is what held the clock speeds down on the new Phenoms, there is the possibility that we will be seeing higher model numbers and faster speeds.

“Since not long after the release of AMD’s Phenom series of CPUs, we’ve been informed that the infamous TLB erratum which plagues these parts, impacting their performance, will be fixed in a forthcoming ‘B3’ stepping. However, this assertion has been thrown into doubt in recent days due to an article on French web site EreNumeRique, which was later picked up by The Inquirer, suggesting that the erratum had not been fixed in the ‘B3’ stepping, creating the need for AMD to go back to the drawing board yet again for another spin of the silicon.

After reading this potentially worrying story, we contacted AMD to get their take on the matter straight from the horse’s mouth, and their response couldn’t be much clearer. You can find their brief statement here:”

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