Digitimes seems to think that AMD is delaying the release of the RS780 chipset due to delays in the driver for Hybrid CrossFire.  To counter the delay they are going to release it in China first, where apparently no one cares…?

Although AMD has already completed the hardware for its next generation IGP chipset, RS780, the company is still waiting on drivers to support its new Hybrid CrossFireX technology. As a result the company has decided to launch the motherboard only in China on January 23, while the launch date in other countries will be set after the driver is complete, according to sources at motherboard makers.

Since Hybrid CorssFireX technology is a major feature of the RS780 chipset, AMD hopes to give the technology the best introduction to the market it can. However, any significant delay in shipments could end up hurting AMD’s profits and momentum. Therefore, the company has decided to adopt a strategy of selling the motherboards in certain regions first.

Final Hybrid CrossFireX drivers are expected to be distributed to AMD’s partners by the middle of February, with the worldwide launch of the RS780 to take place before the end of February, if all goes well, noted the sources.