One of my favourite installation errors has to be when an optical drive decides not to be recognized, as inevitably, at some point in the process Windows will request that you place a driver disk in your CD-ROM drive, so that it can install drivers.  In the past at that point, I have the overwhelming urge to insert something that is not a CD into somewhere on the PC that is not the CD drive.   If you wish to take the high road, and actually fix the problem, check out this thread in Tech Talk for some hints.

Shopping for monitors has become quite different lately, with the easiest decision now being the size ad widescreen or not.  The difficulty comes in when you start finding out response rates might be reported … um … differently depending on the maker, there is also the display matrix type, with 4 types currently popular, as well as dead pixel warranties. The Displays forum can help!

Ryan also has two projects on the go.  As many members have probably heard, NewEgg has decided to no longer support PC Perspective and our Hardware Leader Board.  If you would like to see them come back, drop by the HWLB for a way to contact Ryan about this.  Also, for extra bonus points, you can drop by this thread and give Ryan some ideas for a little project of his.

Happy Rabbie Burns day!