CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW, LAS VEGAS, NV (JANUARY 3, 2008) – ASUS, today announced plans to launch its award-winning GPS smart phone in the United States early this year.

The P527 took home the prestige of CES Innovation Design and Engineering award for 2008. This latest cellular innovation from ASUS is designed to provide users with simple access to the latest GPS technology. Among the host of versatile functions, Travelog and Location Courier have been crowned as the most unique features on the P527. While Travelog enables users to record travel routes and export data to Google Earth, Location Courier serves as a S.O.S. device to send a user’s GPS position to five preset phone numbers. In such cases of emergency, SMS messages will be delivered to the preset receivers with a touch of a button.

Deftly packaged in a compact and stylish form factor, the P527 combines the features of a cell phone, navigator and PDA. It is the ideal personal gadget for users who enjoy efficiency on the go, and is also the first ASUS cellular product to launch in the United States.