Last week BFG announced a dandy little product based on the NVIDIA GeForce GTS 512.  This water cooled product sports clocks that are well above norm, but correspondingly far more expensive than the standard 8800 GTS.  Based on the new G92 chip from NVIDIA, it has the full complement of stream units, ROP partitions, and 512 MB of fast GDDR-3.  The core runs at a sprightly 700 MHz with the memory at 970 MHz (1940 MHz effective).  The most impressive part is the stream processors clocked at a very aggressive 1728 MHz.  That’s some smokin math power, and this should be a nicely performing card in shader heavy content.

The water cooler used looks to be a nice unit, and the fit and finish of the card is going to be second to none.  By this time BFG has specified their cards being used as compared to just having the NVIDIA reference cards that are typically available in the first few weeks after launch.  With many of the aircooled cards based on the G92 architecture hitting temperatures of 90 C, this water cooled part is supposed to be around 40C at load with a decent setup.

At $530 US though, it is a pretty good chunk of change when we consider that a stock 8800 GTS 512 is $339.  The addition of a high quality cooler and warrantied overclocked speeds, it might mean peace of mind for some consumers.