Thermalright’s Ultima 90 CPU Cooler is a shrunken version of the Ultra-120 Extreme, for those who don’t have the space.  While you might assume that the smaller size of both the heatsink and fan would destroy the ability of this heatsink to cool as well as it’s big brother, Pro-clockers’ tests may surprise you.  Another similarity between these 2 coolers is the lack of a fan, so make sure you pick on up along with either version of Thermalright’s heatsink.

“If you don’t have enough room to support their Ultra-120, Thermalright has introduce a new cooler for the space challenged called the Ultima-90. The Ultima-90 looks a lot like the Ultra-120 Extreme but in a smaller package. And that is just what it is. Some may be quick to rush to the conclusion that a smaller heatsink would lead to a large decrease in cooling performance. But the guys at Thermalright say different. We are going to take it around the block to see for ourselves.”

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