We have seen fans in controllers before, on several different styles of mouse, and they all shared 2 common factors.  The fans were loud and annoying, and they didn’t do squat when it came to cooling off your hand.  While I will admit that after several hours, my mousing hand is a little damp, I always thought that the best fix for that was to wrap my hand around a fresh beer for a few seconds.  Logitech, who really should know better by now, has just released the Chillstream Gamepad ControllerGuess what Tweaknews discovered in their full review.

“To say the least, this controller is a mixed bag of pros and cons with neither of them propping the product to be a winner or pushing it down to being an absolute failure. Sure this is a good ergonomic controller which should perform its gaming tasks with ease, but the main defining characteristic, the cooling, needs work.”

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