Ryan spotted Dell’s new gaming notebook on the floor at CES, hidden inside is a Intel 9 series CPU and g92 GPU.  Check out the shots of the ZPS M1730 below.

Dells new beast - General Tech 4

Dells new beast - General Tech 5

Dells new beast - General Tech 6

The world’s first notebook with the AGEIA PhysX physics processing unit, the M1730 offers the most powerful Dell notebook gaming experience ever.
  • The AGEIA PhysX Accelerator – a Dell notebook exclusive – accelerates the scale and quality of real-time physics on PhysX-enabled games, for a level of dynamic motion and interaction never before experienced in mobile gaming. With a PhysX card, things don’t just look real; they act real and seem real.
  • Dual NVIDIA SLI graphics-capability with DirectX 10, so two graphics processing units can run in parallel for up to twice the performance of a single card.
  • 512 MB of dedicated video RAM can ensure fast graphics.
  • Two x16 graphics channels offer a spectacular 3D experience.
Customize your M1730 by adding:
  • Up to 4GB of DDR2 memory for more speed and a full-throttle gaming experience
  • 2 SATA hard drives for up to 1/2 terabyte of storage capacity
  • Optional RAID 0 and RAID 1 functionality to boost your system performance
  • One of the world’s first 64GB Solid State drives for lightning-fast random reads and highly reliable, durable and silent operations