Yesterday Ryan posted a link to movie of a projector in a very unique and talented casing and whose remote control was no less recognizable.  Today, Tech Knowledge follows that clip up with the detailed specs, including
USB ports, a card reader, ports for PS3 and a 3G+ compatible iPod dock, with support to project the video onto a nearby surface in 1024×768 XGA.  It also sports 5.1 HC Dolby Digital and a host of other inputs and output formats!

All that for only US$2700.

“Nikko America have a coveted license from Lucasfilm Limited to build this one-half scale R2-D2 look alike, which plays eleven snippets from the movies and flashes blue, red and green lights in familiar places, just like C3-PO’s little pal does in the movies. The product comes complete with a remote control shaped like a Millenium Falcon, which sits on a stand that plays sounds made by the notorious ship. The cockpit and propulsion system even light up! (I wonder if you can see a wookee inside?)”

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