AnandTech has cornered Futuremark on a topic many of us having been waiting to hear about, Futuremark Games Studio.  Anyone who has sat watching the 3DMark benchmarks has probably wondered just why Futuremark is so vicious as to give us 60 seconds or so of what looks to be an incredible game, and then wanders off into pixel tests.  The details are still sketchy, but we now know that something is in the works. 

I hope it’s the icy CPU benchmark game that has no action, that I have never seen run faster than 3fps.

“Take a look at the images in this article for a moment; certainly we’re not the only people in the world who when first greeted by a new 3DMark have thought, “Daaaaamn! That is a sweet looking benchmark and it would make an awesome game. They should turn that concept into a real game rather than a 60 second benchmark scene.” If you’re with us on this one, the wait may be over… sort of.

It appears that Futuremark has been secretly hard at work on their first full retail game, and while we don’t have any details on what sort of game it will be or when it will launch, they have announced the formation of Futuremark Games Studio. The plans sound ambitious, with the following statement: “For years, our fans have been asking us when we will start making games. Very soon they are going to get it – and then some!” If we’re lucky, we may end up with not just one title but numerous cutting edge titles over the coming years.”

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