While the 8800 GT has been widely lauded for being an amazingly fast product for a very attractive price, complaints about the heat it creates as well as how loud the fan can spool up has spawned a 3rd party cooling market to address those needs.  EVGA is now showing a dual slot cooling solution on the 8800 GT that should address this burgeoning market.  They also up the core clock on the 8800 GT to a nice and even 700+ MHz to boot.

EVGA's 2 Slot 8800 GT - Shows and Expos 3

While it is a two slot design, it is distinctly different from the cooler included on the new 8800 GTS (G92).

EVGA's 2 Slot 8800 GT - Shows and Expos 4

EVGA even gave the back some attention with a heatpipe based heatsink.  It probably needs it considering it runs at a blistering 700+ MHz core (other clock speeds are not released at this time).