Already dropped $10,000 on a maxed out Alienware gaming rig, and have several 30″ monitors set up as multiple displays?   Having trouble figuring out what the next purchase should be to ensure your bragging rights?  Check out the Optimus Maximus keyboard, at around $1,500 you be almost guaranteed to be the only one who has one in your neighbourhood once it becomes available in about a month.   Just why is it so expensive?  Check out Ars Technica’s review and find out.

“How do you get people interested in a $1,500 keyboard? Simple, turn each key into an OLED screen. When you hit caps lock, the keys change to show they’re upper case. Play a first-person shooter and the WASD keys turn into arrows. The Optimus Maximus keyboard brought this audacious idea to life, although since it was first shown in 2005 the hardware has gone through many delays. So many delays, in fact, that Art. Lebedev was accused of promoting “vaporware” up until the price was announced, at which point there was a whole new set of sticker-shock-induced complaints.”

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