One of the quickest ways to spend a good chunk of money every paycheque is to upgrade your video card every time the factory overclocked version gets a bump of a few MHz.  It doesn’t have to be that way, it isn’t that difficult or expensive to do it yourself.  Of course any time you overclock you run into the possibility of killing the part you are pushing beyond spec.  If that risk doesn’t deter you, CPU3D has just released a new graphics overclocking guide.  Start your first overclocking project, or just see if they know a new trick you haven’t heard of yet.

“Breathe new life into your graphics card, and get extra performance by simply using software to overclock your graphics card. Overclocking your graphics card needn’t be difficult. Our CPU3D team will show you how it’s done with our step-by-step instruction. Find out more.”

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