Sure, based on the number of X48 motherboard reviews that have been out over the past few months you’d be hard pressed to find someone that thinks this chipset hasn’t already been launched, but according to Intel at least, it has not.  This Digitimes report talks about MSI and Gigabyte announcing their own products while waiting for Asus to clear the channel of all their hordes of X38 chipset motherboards. 

Although first-tier motherboard makers are still unable to ship X48-based motherboards, some of them have broken ranks to pre-announce their upcoming products along with their newest technologies.

Gigabyte Technology recently announced its X48 motherboard highlighting it will adopt the company’s unique Dynamic Energy Saver (DES) technology, while Micro-Star International (MSI) also made the announcement that its X48 motherboard will adopt the same dual-channel power supply design as that in its X38 model for better power management. MSI’s board will also feature an updated Circu-Pipe fansink and MSI SkyTel technology.

Although Gigabyte and MSI have both announced details of their X48 motherboards, they will not be able to ship boards until Intel gives the go ahead by officially launching the X48 chipset, according to sources at channel vendors. This will not happen until after a “certain motherboard maker” (believed to be Asustek Computer) finishes clearing its X38 inventory.