Instead of getting all excited about a wafer at the Intel booth, look at this picture from the Sharp display.  According to MAKE:Blog, monitors are made in a similar fashion to CPUs, with a substrate of panels all coated at the same time and then separated after.  A two by four substrate of eight 57″ displays is really impressive to see.

“The most stunning thing I saw at CES this year was no gadget, however. It was a mock-up of the “motherglass” substrate that Sharp uses to make its 57″ LCD panels. That is indeed the mother of all glass substrates. There’s these huge frickin machines somewhere out there in this world that takes in that 9 foot piece of glass and deposits thin films of silicon on it, and images microscopic patterns into the films to make all those big, beautiful hi def LCD displays that the gadget freaks lust after. I lust after the machine that makes those panels–eight 57″ LCDs panels at a time. It makes those 12″ wafers at the Intel booth look well … small.”

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