The Palit GeForce 8800 GT Super+1GB looks good to begin with, for only $20 you get double the memory of a regular 8800GT.  Unfortunately we have been disappointed in the past with cards sporting 1 GB of memory, and [H]ard|OCP discovered that this card is no different, 1 GB of RAM on a card of this speed doesn’t do anything.  The news isn’t all bad though, they managed a good overclock on the core speed, and the card runs 26C cooler than the stock 8800GT.

“Palit puts 1GB of GDDR3 memory on a GeForce 8800 GT based video card and we find out how this affects gameplay in Crysis, UT3, and COD4 in both single and an SLI configuration. You guys looking for the perfect hi-res budget card should read up.”

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