Surprisingly, they are winning.

The new X48 board from ASUS, the P5E3 Premium, really shows off what DDR3 is capable of.  Beating it’s X38 predecessor in every benchmark that [H]ard|OCP threw at it was impressive, hitting a 2000MHz quad pumped FSB even more so.  There are going to be a lot of vendors stuck with X38 boards for a long time, as the performance of the X48 trumps it completely.  Make sure you are ready to pay the price for DDR3 if you pick up this board, otherwise look for one of the X48 based boards that support DDR2.

“The newest member in ASUS’ Intel lineup seems to finally deliver the performance that DDR3 has been promising. Paired up with the newly introduced Intel X48 chipset, this board packs a performance punch that few others boards can compete”

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