Sure, as The Tech Report points out, the Eee 4G isn’t exactly butch, and you might feel a little embarrassed about being seeing walking with it, but then again it is easy to hide.  Weighing in at 2 lbs and taking up as much room as 2 CD cases side by side, the Eee can be easily taken anywhere, and is a lot more useful than a dog in a purse.  Check out just what the $400 Eee 4G can do in their full review.

“It’s a little odd, then, to be sitting in front of Asus’ Eee PC sub-notebook. With a Celeron ULV processor chugging along at 630MHz, GMA 900 integrated graphics powering a 800×480 display, 512MB of RAM, and just 4GB of internal storage capacity, the Eee PC’s specs are hardly awe-inspiring. In fact, this may be the first system we’ve ever reviewed that’s slower than Jessica Simpson.

And unlike Jessica, the Eee PC isn’t a knockout, either. So at first blush, it’s a little hard to see what all the fuss is about. Sure, the system may be a fine option for developing nations and Ugandan schools, but its appeal for enthusiasts isn’t as obvious.

I assure you, however, that it’s there. After a few weeks of quality time with the Eee PC, I’m absolutely sold on the concept and pretty enamored with Asus’ implementation. Keep reading to see why.”

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