The Sunon Waturbo tries out something a little different, taking a hint from the Caramel bar. The center of their copper heatsink is filled with some liquid coolant that is stirred at the same speed as the 92mm fan on top thanks to a magnet and a fan inside the coolant chamber.  From the exterior it looks like most other Socket 775 cooler, as the pictures from Frosty Tech show.  Read on to see how well they did at cooling with this new design.

“The Sunon Waturbo isn’t your average heatsink, at its center is a liquid core and a little magnetically coupled impeller to stir things up. As the 92mm fan spins, so do the blades of the internal impeller. This pumps the red glycol based coolant around the small aluminum chamber at the heart of the Waturbo, through a pyramid of 1mm square copper pins and around again. The idea is to use the liquid to distribute the heat from the hefty copper base to the rest of the aluminum heatsink. In practice, the concept more or less works.”

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