One of the rumors circulating in the post-CES discussion is about Microsoft looking at purchasing peripheral maker Logitech.  At one point these two companies were #1 and #2 in the world for keyboards and mice and the combination of the two could make for some interesting innovations.
A rumor swirling about the bowels of the Internets says that Microsoft is about to launch a takeover bid for Swiss-based Logitech. If true, Microsoft, the largest software house in the world would become the world’s largest maker of webcams, mice and other peripheral devices. Share prices are surging on speculation that Microsoft will make a takeover bid valued at 48 francs per share, a 38% premium over yesterday’s closing price. Our take? We’re pretty skeptical. Both companies have been extraordinarily successful without each other. And at first take, the union seems to offer neither company any advantage in the market. Perhaps the rumor mill confused Logitech with Japan’s Logitecthat would make perfect sense. Yeah.