The Thecus N5200PRO is a NAS server with an Ultra Low Voltage Intel 1.5GHz CeleronM and 512MB of DDR and it supports supports multiple RAID volumes on one system, and they can even be iSCSI.  There are a few more nice features, like an LCD display that shows you the IP address of the NAS, along with other data and support for modules, which are small installable programs, often created by other users of the N5200PRO.  Check it out at Virtual-Hideout.

“Now on to the latest iteration of the 5200. The N5200BR Pro. This is basically the original X2, twice the ram, twice the flash and more than twice the CPU. It has all the features of the older model, and then adds a batch of new ones. Externally, they are completely identical, and it’s almost impossible to tell the difference until they are opened up. Even then, you have to know what to look for to tell the differences.”

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