Earlier this week, a way to infect a PC using the Master Boot Record was reported on, which has got a few of our members wondering if there is a way to prevent that from happening, along with easy to follow instructions on how to fix it after you have been infected.  Any ideas out there on preventative measures

Over in the Cases’n’Cooling section, there was a case mod started almost a year ago designed to be a tribute to a very emotionally charged event.  There are some new pics up, showing off the progress since last spring which is rather impressive. 

You can head to the HTPC forum, and look through a discussion on upconverting normal resolution DVDs to HD-DVDs and the best way to go about it, either an actual conversion or just an on-the-fly solution.  If that isn’t interesting to you, read through this thread that gives handy tips on tracking down why it is that a certain PC freezes just about every time you turn your back on it.

Then head to the Trading Post, it’s never dull there, but this time of year it is very active and the deals are going quick.  The same is true of the Lightning Round, with the US Primaries in full swing, there is a lot of vitriol in the air.