In some interesting news from the gang at Shacknews, PC games are only making up about 14% of gaming sales when compile with the current console gaming market.  The one caveat: digital download sales weren’t included in the research.

Data from the sales-tracking firm NPD reveals that retailers sold 267.8 million games in 2007, 36.4 million of which were PC titles. Console games brought in $6.6 billion, selling 153.9 million units total, while portable software hauled a record $2 billion in revenue with 77.5 million units sold.

Figures were also released highlighting the top ten best-selling PC games of this year, accompanying last week’s list of 2007’s top ten console games. The numbers, which do not take digital downloads into account, have Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft and EA Maxis’ Sims franchises occupying six of the top ten spots. A complete run-down of the top PC games of 2007 follows: