If you are thinking of setting up an HTPC, you can always take UB’s advice, or you can go it your own.  If you do, you will need a case, and you had better find out what is new in the world of TV Tuner cards and as we’ve mentioned before, don’t go out and buy the $100 a foot cables; please, you are only encouraging them.  Once you have built it, you can finally get rid of all of those old cassette tapes.   If you are more in the mood for a full service PC, Ryan finally updated the Hardware Leaderboard, take a look and let him know what you think.  Before you start assembling the parts, ask yourself “Have I ever done this before?”, if the answer is no, then check out this link to a video that will help you get started.   Of course, once all that is taken care of, the next question is obviously “Should I overclock this beast, and by how much?“. 

… and drop everything you are doing, listen to the podcast and give us feedback on the forums, or at 1-888-38-PCPER!