The Tech Report is quite fond of the new Sansa Clip MP3 Player.  It offers more flash storage than the Zen Nano they used previously, 15hrs of battery life, a small OLED display and weighs in at 26g.  Read the full article on this MP3 player that puts the iPod Shuffle to shame.

“For the last while, a Creative Zen Nano has filled in as my flash-based MP3 player, and it’s largely been good. However, a couple of years of mud, dust, rain, and sweat finally took its toll on the Nano, leaving me searching for a new flash-based player to abuse during my workouts. Since I’ve been reasonably happy with my iPod, I thought it would be only fair to consider the latest shuffle. That is until I saw the price. $79 for a 1GB player that doesn’t have a screen? Surely you jest.

It didn’t take me long to find something better in the form of SanDisk’s Sansa Clip. Like the shuffle, it’s tiny and has an integrated clip. More importantly, it costs $20 less, yet packs twice the capacity and a gorgeous OLED display. And I’m just getting started.”

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