According to some NDA-breaking benchmarks on a site in China;, the new AMD 3870X2 pulls ahead of an 8800Ultra in 3DMark06 scoring 14573 to 10676 with 4xAA and 16AF @ 1280×1024.  The Crysis scores are rather impressive too, although nVIDIA’s card manages to keep top spot. 

For a different (and more legible) look at the 3870X2, InsideHW has posted pictures and stats of the card, although they don’t break any NDA terms, so don’t expect benchmarks.  You can get a good look at what a pair of 55nm HD3870 chips look like when squeezed into one card.

“Just as we predicted some time ago that the Radeon HD 2600XT Dual is going to open the portal to the multi-GPU development, it is coming true. The very next step ATI has made shows a huge advancement compared to the one-month old newborn. Ladies and gentlemen, we present you with ATI Radeon HD 3870X2 graphics card. For now, this is the best graphics card in the entire market and the most complete choice one can get for his/her money. As the author of these lines would gladly carry this baby home, the award we will give this card is fully deserved.”

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