ExtremeTech tried out the iTunes Movie Rental service, and wants you to know how their experience with it went.  One of the first things that struck them was a negative, for some reason HD movies cost almost twice as much as a non-HD movie.  The experience did improve from there, they found the service easy to use and the quality was good, as you would expect.  On the other hand, the movie studios did get to slap some restrictions on just how long you have to watch the video.

“Video I’ve used iTunes for quite a while as my main source for music, TV shows, podcasts, and audiobooks. But I never bothered with it too much for movies because I had no interest in buying most movies. I already have a DVD collection of around 200 movies, and I learned through that experience that it’s not really worth it to own a lot of movies since I rarely watch most of them. I bought Apocalypto and Hatari, at one point, from iTunes, but after that I just didn’t bother to buy any more.

So how good is Apple’s movie rental service? Is it time to dump your Netflix subscription? Should you blow off Blockbuster now? We’ll find out.”

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