UltraSCSI 320 has been the king of the interfaces when it comes to HDDs in the enterprise world for a very long time, but it’s reign has come to an end.  With the advent of Serial Attached SCSI, we see faster speeds and new technology like Idle Read After Write.  The two kings of enterprise storage are currently Seagate and Hitachi (who bought IBM’s storage), and Boot Daily has a review of their two flag ship models; the Seagate 15k.5 300GB and the Hitachi Ultrastar 15k300.  These guys offer SAS that I can believe in, unlike the other SAS.

“In the IT world of high-speed, redundant data systems, performance is always paramount as is reliability. Companies don’t want to waste time and money with drives which are sub-standard in either category. Two of the market leaders right now are Seagate and Hitachi with the largest share of the market belonging to Seagate. Many of you already know that even before Hitachi acquired IBM’s hard drive division a few years ago, it had been producing hard drives for the enterprise market for a long time.”

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