mean nothing to VIA Arena.  Just because the company has announced that their chipset business is being rolled up into the processor division doesn’t mean there will be a lack of support for enthusiasts that still have classic VIA chipsets.  VIA Arena has finished creating their brand new forums, which you can sign into for the first time, or simply change your password if you already have a user there.

As well, the brand new Hyperion 2.30A drivers are out, so pick them up.

“We are very pleased to launch new forums for VIA Arena today. They are part of a new broader forum community called Tech Knowledge Arena. Using the tried and true vBulletin forum software, all memberships from the old VIA Arena forums have been imported to the new forum.

If that’s not exciting enough, watch out! Today we also have new Hyperion Pro drivers, version 5.15A. The update to these drivers is the VIA Falcon Storage Device driver which is now at version 2.30A”

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