While many winners of CES 2008 have been announced, Think Computers makes a strong case that ASUS won that particular horse race.  The gallery of pictures that we have seen of ASUS’ booth show off a lot of new products most of which seem very interesting.  The spread of new laptops is impressive, and the improvements to SplashTop have put them a length ahead.  There are also new motherboards, sound cards and even cell phones and GPS units to be seen.  We can only hope that the engineers at ASUS have managed to iron out all the bugs.

“ASUS was one of the hottest names this year at CES. With all the hype from the Eee PC and ASUS’s keynote earlier in the week their booth was crowded, but they took the time to take us through and check out all of their new products. They have new notebooks, motherboards, video cards, and other CE products. Read on to see what we saw from ASUS at CES this year.”

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