The MSI K9A2 Platinum seems to have displayed a split personality when it underwent testing at [H]ard|OCP.  It is designed to support Crossfire-X, but the slots are so close together you wouldn’t manage to fit 4 double height cards.  The chipset heatsinks are small, but they are positioned so close to the CPU that it is very hard to fit a large cooler into the space you have.  On the good side the 790FX chipset and the Phenoms do not produce as much heat as we are used to seeing in a C2D and 780i system, so the size is not a crippling factor.  [H]ard|OCP also found that while this board has one of the best implementations of AMD Overdrive, the first board they tested permanently died when they tried pushing the FSB to 210MHz, without tweaking the voltages at all.

“The AMD 790FX chipset is definitely popular with motherboard manufacturers who are all churning out their own boards using the chipset. Today we look at MSI’s 790FX the K9A2 Platinum and take it for a little test run.”

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