Power Consumption and Battery Life
Power consumption and battery life are very closely tied – try taking a 3-cell battery and connecting it to this system and you are going to see a system go into emergency shut down procedures very quickly. 

Alienware m9750 Notebook Review - SLI, RAID and Gaming on the Go - Mobile 32

For our raw power consumption tests I plugged the notebook in with the AC power cord supplied when the battery was fully charged.  Comparing the m9750 to the Dell M1710 shows the inter-planetary system using surprisingly less power at idle than the intra-planetary system.  (sorry…). At load though, the Alienware is pulling more wattage at the wall – actually higher than the expected maximum output of the power brick that was 180 watts. 

This is still WELL below even the most model of gaming-based desktop systems though thanks to the mobility optimized components.

Alienware m9750 Notebook Review - SLI, RAID and Gaming on the Go - Mobile 33

The battery life of the Alienware m9750 was a surprise – it actually lasted longer than I had originally expected.  Doing just simple web browsing with the wireless connection, we were able to get about 98 minutes of work time in before the system shut itself down.  While watching a DVD, the battery life was cut to under 80 minutes.

As you might have guessed, gaming on the batter would indeed be a futile task – don’t both asking how long it would run for.  I am guessing that with some titles the load times might take longer.  Gamers will require power access!

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