Pay attention to the P … this article at AnandTech is not a review of CrossfireX, it is a very limited preview with restrictions on the platform they were to use to do the testing, as well as the software they were allowed to test.  On the other hand, seeing what two Radeon HD 3870 X2 cards can do is a bit of a treat.  Head over and see what having 3 or 4 GPUs does to gaming performance.

Don’t stay too long though, Ryan has also posted his take on the experience of gaming with four GPUs, no benchmarking tools or time demos here.

“In an effort to give Phenom some more limelight, AMD built these CrossFireX systems with 790 FX motherboards and quad-core Phenom CPUs running at 2.6GHz. We were only allowed to run today’s tests on this platform. (Shh…we never capitulate!) When testing four GPUs we tend to run at very high, GPU bound, resolutions making the choice of CPU much less of an issue. If anything, AMD was hurting itself by forcing Phenom upon us but it figured that any performance deficit due to CPU choice wouldn’t be too great thanks to the GPU-limited nature of most of the tests we’d be running.

The other stipulation for receiving this preview system is that we had to agree to only test the games AMD shipped with the system: Call of Duty 4, Bioshock, Unreal Tournament 3, Crysis and Half Life 2: Episode Two,”

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