When you are reviewing a game, or more often a video card, there are several methods that present themselves.  The first is to load up a timedemo or a built in benchmark, let it run through a few loops and write down the numbers it gives you.  A bit of math and a bunch of typing and your review is done and ready to be published so that your readers can make informed decisions about their next purchase.  On the other hand, you can sacrifice a day (and probably a night) spending quality time with a PC and a box of beer, playing through the game and saving a specific spots where the PC you are testing really chugs.  Once you’ve played through the game, you not only have a good idea how each component actually performs, but you have several spots you can record frame rates at to show how different cards handle different areas.  Of course, your room mates, significant others, pets and all the rest are mad at you for ignoring them for a day; but it is worth it to get good benchmarks?  PC Perspective has always believed it is, and so does [H]ard|OCP.

“It is time to put your money where your mouth is, or maybe where your keyboard is. HardOCP sets out to prove that real world video card testing is where it’s at. Beware, we may make you feel dirty every time your run a benchmark from here out!”

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