The ASUS F5R Notebook uses the ATI Radeon Xpress 1100 chipset with a which supports 667MHz DDR2.  The different flavours are Intel’s Celeron M (Merom core), Pentium Dual-Core and Core2Duo.  As far as features go, you may not need 16 levels of screen brightness but it does make sure you can’t complain about choices, and the touchpad can be used as a simple calculator.  Head to X-bit Labs to see how this office oriented laptop fares against the ASUS X51R.

“Today we are going to review another great office solution from Asus. At first glance it is very similar to the X51R we reviewed earlier. The two models seem to differ on the outside only. So is it a new model or a slightly redesigned old one? Read our review to answer this question.”

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