Mad Shrimps assembled just about every high end waterblock they could find, with the Koolance CPU330, Danger Den’s Copper-TDX, both Swiftech’s Apogee GT and Apogee GTX and the EnzoTech Sapphire SCW-1.  All of these were tested on a Q6600 overclocked to 3GHz.  Each waterblock was tested using Danger Den’s NVIDIA 4101 water-cooling kit and Black Ice Xtreme III radiator to keep the water flowing.  Read on to see if anyone stood above the competition.

“In this group test we compare the performance of six high end water blocks from Koolance, Danger Den, D-Tek, Swiftech and EnzoTech on an overclocked Intel Quad Core Processor. Which one keeps the CPU running the coolest? Read on to find out.”

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