With a starting price of $1,249, the XPS 630 delivers stellar performance with the latest technology and innovative features, all in sleek, compact brushed-aluminum chassis.

Gamers won’t outgrow the XPS 630 as since it’s based on a standard ATX chassis, making future upgrades easy. It’s ATI CrossFire and NVIDIA SLI-ready, and will support Corsair memory and Intel Extreme processors. Gamers can tweak performance by overclocking processor and memory through the control panel.

“Since its inception, the Dell XPS line has been committed to delivering aggressive, competitive and attractive options for a broad spectrum of PC gamers,” said Arthur Lewis, head of Dell’s gaming group. “With the Dell XPS 630, we have the unique and exciting opportunity to offer a system that brings together the needs of enthusiasts and casual gamers.”

 The XPS 630 is ready out of the box to play favorite mainstream games like The Sims or Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock and online games like Lord of the Rings:Shadows of Angmar. It can easily be upgraded to deliver extreme performance for more complex games like Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and the highly anticipated Spore.

The XPS 630 is the first OEM PC to support the new Enthusiast System Architecture (ESA), the industry’s first open standard for delivering advanced levels of thermal management and control of other PC peripherals. Dell’s LightFX technology supports ESA so developers can create highly immersive gaming experiences synchronizing the LED lighting zones with the on-screen action in the game.

Under the hood the XPS 630 features:

o    NVIDIA nForce650 SLI Chipset
o    NVIDIA SLI Single/Dual Graphic options
o    ATI Crossfire Single/Dual Graphic options
o    Overclockable Intel Processors
o    Overclockable Corsair® DOMINATOR® Memory
o    750KW Power Supply
o    4 Internal HDD bays (Up to 3 Factory-Installed)
o    4 DIMM slots
o    Two PCIe™ X16 Graphic slots
o    Light FX 2.0 (4 lighting zones)
o    AGEIA PhysX™ Accelerator option
o    Blu-ray Disc™ Drive option
o    Red and Black Bezel Color Choice 

    * Customers who subscribed for a pre-launch discount received an email today with details on a limited time promotional configuration. The special $1,299 configuration includes an Intel® Core™ 2 Quad Q6600 processor dual NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT 512MB graphics cards2 with SLI technology and 2-year limit warranty3 and In-Home service4. Customers will be able to purchase configure-to-order XPS 630 systems starting tomorrow, Feb. 27.