If you were curious what Fred Weber is up to these days, as the former CTO of AMD, look no further than to a company called MetaRam that is promising 4x the current capacity of memory modules with little to no price hike or performance penalty.  According to this engadget post, MetaRam “uses a specialized “MetaSDRAM” chipset that effectively bonds and addresses four cheap 1Gb DRAM chips as one, tricking any machine’s memory controller into using it as a 4x capacity DIMM.”  Sound fairly interesting, though I would have shrugged it off as more boasting from an unknown company if it weren’t for two points: Fred Weber and that they claims systems will be shipping in the 1st quarter using the technology.

Former AMD CTO Promises 4x the memory for you - Memory 2
Since a 1Gb chip is apparently far less expensive than a 2Gb chip, MetaRam devices can multiply capacity at prices far lower than their competition; the company claims it’ll be shipping in machines in the first quarter of this year, and Hynix has already announced their own 2-rank 8GB DDR2 RDIMMs for the second half.