What goes inside a vanputer?
Build Components:


Reasons for building this:

I work in boatyards and marinas that have internet access so now I can go online when I need to find manuals, etc.
I also use AutoCad to do schematics so now I make new drawings or modify existing ones right in my van.
I can also print invoices instead of having to convert them to PDF and e-mailing them to my customers.
I can use Google Earth and MS Streets and Trips GPS or DeLorme’s Earthmate GPS LT-20 Street Atlas for road trips.
I can watch a movie or listen to 20GB worth of MP3s once I jack it into the van’s stereo system.
I also had most of the stuff lying around so it cost almost nothing to build. I can use this as a demo with potential customers.

Because I could.

I’d like to close by thanking Electric Bill for sharing this project with PC Perspective members, and hope that this won’t be the last thing we ever see from him.

If you would like to thank him yourself, or have some questions he might want to answer, visit the thread that started it all.


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