There is a bunch of action in the Overclocking Forum this week, from troubles playing with HT speeds in an AMD system and voltage testing an Opteron 175 to an Intel E8400 that has raised a few questions for one of our memberst to some Corsair Ballistix RAM that just won’t behave

Once the overclocking is done, it becomes time to play, and there is no better way to do it than with some friends from the PC Perspective forums.  Drop by every Monday and Wednesday for some COD4 with the Fraggin’ Frogs.

Over at Case’s n’ Cooling, one of the guys stumbled upon a really sweet looking keyboard and mouse, which would go with the case he’s looking for, if he can ever find it.  There is also good news for those who have decided not to put their trust in this new-fangled PCI Express garbage, and are sticking with good ole AGP.

Make sure to sound off about the story Ryan posted, where it is revealed that SkullTrail will not be able to support 3-way SLI.  Even if you had no plans to pick up a SkullTrail system, it is interesting to see the dirty tricks these companies play on each other.