[H]ard|OCP was in for a very nasty surprise when they tried out the (supposedly) SLI-Certified Ultra X2 Extreme Edition 750w PSU.  When they ran it through their normal testing, a full 120V, not the lesser 100V, and nowhere near their torture test, the unit failed completely when asked to provide more than 50% of it’s supposed wattage.  That’s right, neither unit they had to test could even turn on when asked to provide more than 364W.  It also turns out that the SLI Certified sticker was put on without actually getting SLI certification.

If you are looking for a PSU, stay away from that Ultra, but you might want to consider the ABS/Tagan BZ800 that Lee just reviewed.  An 800W PSU that can actually deliver what it claims to, bizarre isn’t it?

“Ultra hits rock bottom with a 750 watt PSU that claims NVIDIA SLI certification. Make a note to stay as far away from this flaming hunk of crap as you possibly can. If not, we highly suggest you make sure and have a fire extinguisher handy.”

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