It would appear that its possible the 9600 GT is seeing FURTHER delays and a possible recall, at least according to this story at The Inquirer.  There is no reason given for the delay.

Also of note in the article, the 9800 GX2 will be pushed from a CeBit release towards the end of March…

Some OEMs are getting the call to yank them, others not yet, or not at the time they talked to us. What this means is more and more delay, this time we are not sure how much though. An educated guess would be CeBIT, because what else are they going to launch there?

Oh yes, we probably should mention that the 9800X2, or whatever they call it, has also moved from CeBIT to the end of March, for now. Before you get all hot and bothered, this is basically a couple of downclocked G92s on 2 PCBs.

It will be decently fast, but it will also be expensive. The cheapest we can find a G92 based GT with 512MB memory is about $210, and a GTS for about $260. That compares to $185 and $210 for the ATI 3850 and 3870 respectively. This means that he NV cards have a premium over the ATI cards at all points.