It seems there is no such thing as a 2 button mouse anymore.  They now sport somewhere between three and a dozen buttons and wheels.  Response rates have gone up, as has the accuracy of the laser, or in some cases lasers, funky Teflon feet have become normal and you can even get ones with adjustable weights inside.  Now Razer has gone and made a collectors edition, and I4U went and got one so they could see the specs.  What’s next, a ground effect mouse?

“The design of the Razer Boomslang Collector’s Edition 2007 is wider and fatter than typical Razer mice. The feel in the hand is good, but certainly larger than typical mice. The section of the Boomslang with the buttons is wider with a roundish design making the base where your palm sits narrower than the top of the mouse. The two side buttons sit right at the junction of the palm area and rounded top. I found during use that the button on the left wide was very easy to activate accidentally.”

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