The Patriot Viper Extreme 2GB PC3-15000 kit run at 1866MHz and timings of 8-8-8-24 and while it hasn’t appeared on Pricegrabber or NewEgg, some smaller retailers seem to be selling the kit for over $500.  Overclockers Online pushed the voltage up to 2.06V and managed several overclocks, some with tighter timings and some with higher frequencies, which they compare performance wise.  Along the way they made some interesting discoveries about XMP on the ASUS Maximus Extreme.

“Patriot Memory has really stepped up their game with this Viper Extreme offering. An unrecognized name in a lot of enthusiast circles, Patriot Memory has obviously decided that they want to adjust that anonymous position with an impressive initial DDR3 offering. The PC3-15000 kit we looked at today is amongst the highest kits for rated frequencies of DDR3 memory available and to specify this kit for operation at 1.90v on both P35 and X38 is very industrious. Patriot hasn’t just put a set of extremely fast modules out there, they have put together a complete package from head to toe.”

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