There are a lot of rumblings about the NVIDIA 9600 GT today, and not all of it from NVIDIA and its partners.  First up, AMD has apparently been on the war trail talking about how the company is “not fazed by impending Nvidia 9600 launch” and that it has “had cards offering similar, if not better, features on the market for the past three months.”  This all comes from Digitimes, that also points out that the 9600 GT will lack features like DX10.1 support, integrated DVI-to-HDMI support and the 55nm process that is making the RV670 so successful. 

In other 9600 GT new, it appears that Fudzilla has the scoop on a display port enabled version of the card that requires a dual-slot cooler.  Also, the 9600 GT is apparently an overclocking beast, with at least one card vendor set to run the GPU at 740 MHz!
A usual suspect in the overclocking world will have a special version of the card working at 740MHz. Of course, we are talking about the GPU speed.

The standard card works at 650MHz core and 1,800MHz memory but the ultra overclocked cards might hit 740MHz core and 1,950MHz memory.

We heard of some vendors going 700 to 725MHz, but obviously someone will even go to 740MHz. We wonder if anyone dare to go over that speed, but as its natural the super overclocked card will cost much more money than the reference one.

Many of these cards will be available as of tomorrow around the world.