Ars Technica spent some time at this years GDC, which had a lot of new independently created titles on show.  Ranging from customized controllers to games for all the consoles as well as the PC, there is a lot happening this year in gaming.  Microsoft will have a huge impact on what makes it big, if you are designing a game for the PC or the XBox, you are already working with Microsoft.  Check out the big hits from the GDC here.

“The Game Developer’s Conference requires a different attitude than other trade shows centered around games; the press are not the focus here. Walking around the show floor, talking to people, overhearing conversations… you always get the feeling that your media badge is something that is merely being tolerated. “Yes, I would agree that the show is not set up for press access, nor do we care to alter GDC to make it conform to press interests,” the show’s executive director, Jamil Moledina told me in an interview we conducted before the show began.”

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