The AutumnWave OnAir GT can turn your laptop into an HDTV and PVR with just a few simple steps.  It’s USB connection makes it very handy to base an HTPC system around your laptop without having to give up lugging it around with you.  A few plugs and you are free to go, offering an alternative to people who want a PVR but aren’t interested in buying and building a purpose built system.  See how easy it is over at Overclockers Online.

“There’s no shortage of the good things the OnAir GT can provide for you. For what’s packaged in the box and what you are paying for, my viewing pleasures with the OnAir GT have been extremely positive. The picture, simply stated, is HDTV quality. Every channel you get is crystal clear. As well, the analog channels are at your fingertips should they be of watchable quality. The simplicity of the OnAir GT, from software to hardware, makes it a very viable solution for any family.”

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