44.6 billion dollars, or $31 a share … check
A really good reason to buy … check
Permission from the US and EU … not so much … yet …

Get the background information on the hot news of today from The Inquirer before deciding about the deal.  Don’t mistake this as being like deals we’ve seen before; this is a media company sized deal, not a tech company sized one.  It also represents a change in the philosophy of Microsoft, who had never spent more than $1.5 billion until last years $6 billion purchase of ad network Aquantive, and now they have blown that number out of the water.  Keep an eye on the news today, there will be a lot of predictions appearing, especially since Yahoo! is playing hard to get.  They called the offer unsolicited, but haven’t said no.

“I’ll tell you what I told the BBC researcher – this is huge. If it’s not the most important acquisition in technology history then it’s doing a pretty good impersonation. Microsoft gets top-notch internet properties such as Mail, Answers and the rest. OK, so Yahoo hasn’t been on its game recently but it’s still got an across-the-board roster of good-to-great services and a merger means that the two firms don’t have to replicate features.

The price is high but then the so are the spoils as the internet is still taking baby steps. When it’s all grown up, truly global and benefiting from broadband ubiquity, the valuations on the best land will be stratospheric”

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