In what might be the last article from Charlie at the Inquirer, he details information on the upcoming 9600 GT from NVIDIA.

The raw numbers are 64 stream processors, 650MHz core, 1625MHz shaders and 900MHz of 512MB/256b GDDR3. There will be a six-pin power connector, and the board will consume 95W. In the slides, Nvidia claims “Industry’s best performance-per-watt”, but as far as we know, there is not a single ATI 36xx card with a supplementary power connector, and the one sitting beside me definitely does not have one. We sense a corporate sanctioned fib here.

Then they go on to new PureVideo HD features, the main one of which is called Dual Stream Decode acceleration, basically a software hack to allow the use of extra cycles. YAWN. There are various enhancements to the colour schemes, which we hope for NV’s sake work out better than the last few ‘enhancements’ that didn’t do much for any disk other than the HQV benchmark. They still don’t claim to do VC1 acceleration, so is there a point to the hand waving?